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Artists are invited to rent an exhibition board from us and hang their own work for display. This way each artist can choose how many pieces to display and control their arrangement.  Artists may wish to also display on their panels some details about the work, a brief personal and/or artistic biography, contact details and perhaps advertise details of other events or exhibitions in which they are taking part.

Please email and we will forward you our entry forms. Email to:

Interested in exhibiting with us?

IN SUMMARY If you wish to exhibit with us this year please:


  1. Submit an Artists Entry Form with BACS(£30 for one floor-standing board, £60 for two panels, max, per artist)

  2. Submit listing of art for sale by - for each artwork we need Title of Work, Medium, Sale Price - we will use this information for the Exhibition Catalogue.  Bring along a similar form if you are submitting unframed originals, prints and cards, when hanging your work.

  3. Bring exhibits on Thursday June 29th from 4-9pm to display on your rented display board(s) - each artist to hang and label their own work to correspond with Catalogue Submissions form. Once finished a volunteer will tally your items before you leave (names and prices for wall art, cards, prints etc).

  4. We will be selling all artwork on the spot. Please bring additional artwork properly labelled so we can replace the sold piece.

  5. Commission structure: 25 % commission on any sold work - all profits from this event enhance education at The Beaconsfield School, the event is run by volunteers

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